Chakra Intensive Series

This will be a 3-part series of balancing your chakras and energy.

Part 1 on Tuesday October 23 will be on Chakras 1&2. Your earth/root chakra and sacral.

Part 2 on Tuesday November 13 will be on Chakras 3 & 4, Self-esteem and heart.

Part 3 on Tuesday November 27 will be on Chakras 5,6,7. The throat, Third eye, and Crown.

The event has 2 healers. Billy a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki ® Master who be will doing the Gem Light Therapy®, Pandora, is a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner who will be doing the Sound & Crystal Healing.

Appointments will begin at 6pm. You will have a session with both healers focusing on the chakras of the day. This seriers will trigger deep healing and understanding of your chakra system and how imbalances happen and how to work with removing the blocks and restoring the flow in your life. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Per event $100

Buy package of 3 for $275. Purchase by 11-12-18

Call with questions 773.231.0007

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