Caring for Caregivers Month

Each month we focus on a different group of people who would benefit from the healing modalities we offer at Lakeview Healing Oasis. This month it is caretakers (or care givers)!

Mother Theresa understood compassion fatigue, she required her nuns to have a year off every 5 years.* Now we know you can’t take a year off! However, you can visit us.

Why not join us Sunday, June 20 from 1 to 5 pm Central time?

Meet our healers, ask questions, have an energized cocktail and learn how our healing modalities can help you. This is an opportunity to visit one on one with Billy and Pandora, and work with them to determine what would work best for you.

If you want to schedule an appointment, you can. No pressure.

Statistics show that care givers often get sick and burnt out from the amazing work they do. We know the modalities offered at Lakeview Healing Oasis will assist in your profession.

People go into compassion fatigue, much like adrenal fatigue and we can address this with Reiki, Sound Healing, and Gem Light Therapy®.

Reiki is the most used self care in the country and compassionate people most benefit from it, according to Stephen Vanderber of Reiki Currents.

Sound Healing, often called Vibrational Medicine, helps repair your DNA and cleanse issues from the auric field before it takes hold in the body. Pandora will explain more about this when you visit. Gem Light Therapy® helps to supercharge your healing ability, is very relaxing and grounds you. It helps to purify toxic energy that you hold from your work..

Be sure to reach out using our contact us form to schedule yours. Or feel free to just call us now at 773-231-0007!