Psychic Readings

Phone or In-person in Chicago

  • Thirty minute session 125.00
  • Sixty minute session 235.00
  • Fifteen minute follow up phone (exiting clients only) 65.00


Urgent bookings within 24 hours

  • Fifteen minute phone session 140.00
  • Thirty minute session 200.00
  • Sixty minute session 310.00

Multi-session Reading Packages

This is for psychic readings only NOT mediumship sessions

Packages must be used within one calendar year of purchase and may not be shared

  • Five fifteen minute sessions 299.00
  • Ten fifteen minute sessions 599.00
  • Ten thirty minute sessions 1125.00
  • Ten sixty minute sessions 2200.00


Pandora channels those who have crossed over to the other side

  • Sixty minute session 250.00
  • up to 3 people from same family sixty minute session 425.00

Animal Communication

Phone or in-person session (animals do not need to be present)

  • Thirty minute session 125.00
  • Sixty minute session 235.00
  • Three thirty minute sessions 330.00

Sound Healing/Medical Intuitive

These sessions use tuning forks, crystals, Tibetan Bowls and her medical intuitive capabilities

  • Thirty minute session 135.00
  • Forty five minute session 200.00
  • One hour combined sound healing and psychic reading 250.00


Out of respect to my clients who have made their healing journey a priority, I do not discount my services.