Pandora Psychic



Finding Happiness & Truth

"I brought my skeptical mom to see Pandora 3 months after my dad passed and we were both BLOWN AWAY. She is the real deal. Not only did she share some insights on my dad that no person could have just guessed (including passing on a message about not taking wooden nickels... one of his favorite phrases) but, she gave me useful insight about my business, my own marriage, my brother.... she truly SAW ME. Like, the real me. Worth every penny! I will be back again. Oh and my mom? So much lighter. Pandora's insight gave my mom the permission she needed to stop beating herself up. Ad she assured her about speaking to my dad: he hears her loud and clear. Thank you Pandora, for everything." ~ C.V.N. 10/15/2018

"Pandora was fantastic, she picked up details on my situation without hesitation, she gave me positive advice and has a beautiful calming voice which removed all the unnecessary fears I had created in my own head, will keep in touch, thank you" ~ M.W.

"Pandora is an incredibly accurate intuitive. I initially found her via an online link and had a phone reading, which proved to be very accurate and aspects of which I still refer back to many years later. I've turned to her guidance and divine connection many times and she has never let me down. A truly talented and lovely person. HIGHLY recommend." ~ L.P.

"From the moment you sit down with Pandora, you know that she knows. She has a calmness about her that settles over you, and you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. She is a highly accurate intuitive with a true desire to give you the answers that you seek. She is warm, compassionate, and genuine. I would highly recommend Pandora." ~ J.L.

"I had a great reading with Pandora!!! Not only did she answer my questions, she surpassed it by giving me more guidance with my life and future. I love how calm and nurturing she is and how authentic her readings are! Everything she told me was spot on! I look forward to more readings with her in the future! ~ K.S.